A Beginners Guide to Cannabis (Smoking Weed for Beginners)

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A Beginners Guide to Cannabis

New to cannabis? If you have never experienced the plant with many names—cannabis, weed, marijuana—it’s easy to feel a little intimidated. Cannabis is both fascinating and considered highly valuable for (anecdotally) therapeutic reasons, and even though there seems like a lot to learn, a little guidance can really go a long way. We’ve pulled together a brief guide below to get you started with the basics.


A Closer Look at Cannabis

Cannabis is a plant that can be found growing today pretty much all over the world in different varieties. While cannabis became the target of laws in the 1900s, before that point, this plant had actually been in use for thousands of years. Cannabis has been used for everything from medicinal purposes to spiritual and recreational reasons since at least 2800 BC.

In 1996, the state of California was the first to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. As of 2022, cannabis has been legalized for either medical or recreational purposes or both in all but 11 states. Mississippi was legalized for medical use in 2022.

How Cannabis Produces Effects

The human body has the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is made up of receptors that are found throughout the body and influenced by cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are made by the human body—they’re called endocannabinoids, but they are also found in cannabis. You may have heard of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (cannabidiol). However, cannabis actually contains over 100 unique cannabinoids that may have therapeutic value.

How Cannabis Produces Effects - a picture of connective tissue in the human body

What Are the Therapeutic Reasons to Use Cannabis?

Thanks to the legalization of cannabis, the last few decades have shed a lot of light on just how valuable cannabis may be. The different cannabinoids in cannabis interact with the ECS, and the ECS has influences on so many bodily processes, such as sleep, metabolism, appetite, pain perception, and more.

People use cannabis for things like:

  • Pain relief, including certain types of hard-to-treat pain
  • To help with sleep
  • To counteract nausea
  • For stress relief
  • To help with stiff joints
  • For muscle spasms

There have even been medications created from the cannabinoids found in cannabis. For example, CBD is the primary ingredient in Epidiolex, an FDA-approved medication for epilepsy. Thankfully, Mississippi has a long list of approved medical conditions for people who want to become medical marijuana patients, including things like glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, and PTSD.

How Does Cannabis Make You Feel?

Cannabis affects individuals differently depending on:

  • The strain of cannabis used, how much, and its cannabinoid profile
  • Personal body chemistry, metabolism, age, and even gender
  • Method of consumption, such as smoking or consuming an extract

People often explain cannabis effects as relaxing and euphoric, but this also can depend on the strain and all other factors involved. You may feel more relaxed, but you may also be more mentally alert. Or, you may feel sleepy and a little giggly. It’s always a good idea to begin your cannabis experience with a small dose and adjust as you get used to the effects.

How to Smoke a Joint

Most Preferred Ways to Consume Cannabis

Cannabis was once primarily smoked or eaten. Today, you have access to a number of different ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis beyond smoking the flower, such as:

  • Eating a cannabis-infused edible
  • Taking a cannabis tincture or extract
  • Using small doses of cannabis concentrates
  • Applying cannabis-infused topical products to the skin

Learn How To Roll a Joint!

Common FAQs from Beginner Cannabis Users

Is smoking cannabis bad for you?

Smoking anything can come along with negative effects on the respiratory system. Therefore, some individuals prefer cannabis edibles or extracts, which deliver effects without smoking.

What is a cannabis strain?

A cannabis strain is simply just a type of cannabis, and may also be referred to as a cultivar. Similar to other plants, such as tomato plants, there are many varieties that all produce different cannabinoid profiles, flavors, and aromas. For example, hemp is actually a cultivar of cannabis that contains very small amounts of THC and high amounts of CBD.

How long do cannabis effects last?

The duration of effects varies depending on how much you consume, the type of product you use, and your body chemistry. Generally speaking, the effects can last from around one to six hours, but may be less or more depending on the aforementioned factors.

Find Plant-Based Medicine at Southern Sky

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