Best Cannabis Strains & Products for Relaxation

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Looking to kick back and relax? Cannabis could help you do just that, no question. Many people turn to this therapeutic plant for help with sleep, but also to emotionally relax when they’re feeling stressed. The question is, which strains should you try for relaxation? Are certain cannabis-based products better than others? We’ve pulled together a few of the best weed strains for relaxation, as well as a few top products to try for rest or better sleep.

Featured strains:

  • Divorce cake
  • OG Kush
  • Cannatonic
  • Cherry Pie

Featured products:

Top Cannabis Strains to Help You Relax

1. Divorce Cake

Divorce Cake is a unique strain because it serves up a nice dose of CBG (cannabigerol). While every cultivar can vary depending on the genetics and the cultivation process, Divorce Cake has grown to be a go-to strain for relaxation. The strain offers a nice vanilla sweetness with a hint of pepper, and the effects tend to kick in relatively quickly. You can also opt for our Divorce Cake CBD vape cart, which is non-intoxicating but also prized for its relaxing effects.

2. OG Kush

When you want utter bodily relaxation, OG Kush is the weed strain to have on hand. OG Kush has been around for a lot of years, and there are many varieties with unique attributes of terpenes and cannabinoids. Nevertheless, OG Kush most often offers a mixture of head and body effects that come together perfectly when you’re feeling wound up. The overall experience is enhanced by the impressive aromatics and flavor notes of citrus and spice.

3. Cannatonic

Cannatonic has gained a reputation for itself for being such a calming hybrid strain with a relatively high CBD content. With a THC to CBD ratio that falls somewhere around 2:1, Cannatonic is a beloved therapeutic cultivar for people who need to relax and unwind. A lot of people use Cannatonic to help with issues like pain or muscle spasms as well. This cultivar has a woody aroma paired with a telltale lemon-lime flavor, making it an enjoyable smoke.

4. Cherry Pie

Just as the name implies, Cherry Pie is all sweetness with a trademark capability of making you feel like all is good in your world. While the top-reported effects are happiness and euphoria, a lot of people like Cherry Pie because it lulls you into a peaceful, easy state of mind that’s inductive of good sleep. This strain is also known for its CBG content. We make a Cherry Pie CBD cartridge which is perfectly poised to help curb stress and racing thoughts without intoxication.

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Top Cannabinoid-Based Products to Support Relaxation

If you prefer a non-psychoactive experience but still want to relax, there are plenty of high-CBD options to try that are made with hemp cultivars. Cannabidiol and other hemp-derived cannabinoids have been shown to offer relaxing properties. Take a look at a few of our top picks from the Southern Sky Brands collection.

Southern Sky CBD/CBN Sleep Gummies

CBD/CBN Sleep Gummies may help your mind and body relax so you sleep well and wake refreshed. Each gummy delivers 27 mg of CBD and 3mg of CBN (cannabinol), which turns out to be a perfect ratio of these two relaxing cannabinoids for ideal calming effects.

Southern Sky CBD/CBDV/CBG/CBN Sleep Tincture

With a quadruple group of relaxing cannabinoids, the CBD/CBDV/CBG/CBN Sleep Tincture from Southern Sky is an excellent choice for relaxation. Tinctures make a good choice for a lot of users because they are easy to microdose or dose appropriately to achieve the desired effects. Tinctures are also a lot easier to consume before bed compared to smoking.

Find a New Way to Relax at Southern Sky

Sometimes, achieving a relaxed state means everything to your quality of life. At Southern Sky, we’re working hard to give consumers access to safe, reliable cannabis-based products that they can count on. Be sure to take a look at our full collection of cannabinoid-based products to find your path to relaxation.

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