Budder vs Badder: What’s The Difference?

Budder, batter, and badder - what's the difference

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Cannabis concentrates have exploded in popularity recently as more states legalized medical and recreational marijuana. But while many average cannabis users are familiar with flower, edibles, and vaporizers, these potent, highly refined concentrates may be new to them. There are so many terms – wax, shatter, crumble, budder, badder, live resins, and more. What do you need to know about the differences between them? Read on as we explore the budder vs badder debate, along with other crucial concentrate topics.

Budder vs Badder: What’s The Difference?

Budder and badder (or batter, in some cases) are two of the most common types of cannabis concentrate. They may sound similar and are in many ways. In both, THC is released from cannabis using a solvent, which is then purged to form the extract. But there are also some vital things to know about their differences.

What is Budder?

The term budder comes from the combination of bud (aka marijuana) and butter. This marijuana concentrate is distinguished by its texture, which is similar to softened butter. Colorwise, it can span a wider range from golden to brown to green.

What is Badder or Batter?

Badder or batter takes its name from its cake batter-like consistency, which is thicker than budder. You may see either or both words used at a dispensary, but know they’re exactly the same in terms of texture, use, and effects. In terms of color, badder/batter tends to be more uniformly golden.

Live Budder and Live Badder/Batter

Products labeled “live,” like live budder and live badder, are processed in a slightly different way. They’re flash-frozen in a way that preserves critical compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids that can be lost in other processing methods. These unique substances provide many of the more subtle but valuable effects of cannabis. This process can be more sensitive and time-consuming, leading to more expensive products. Still, many enjoy the more nuanced and powerful experience provided by live resins.

Budder, Badder, and Live Concentrates: All Excellent Choices for Cannabis Consumers

As you can see, the difference in the budder vs badder debate is subtle but can be important for discriminating cannabis users. In addition, live budder and badder provide additional benefits for those looking for a boost to their experience. No matter which one users prefer, they can now buy with confidence that they’ll enjoy their THC concentrate.

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