How to Partner with Southern Sky Brands

how to partner with southern sky brands

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As the Mississippi medical cannabis industry comes to life, a lot of work is going on behind the scenes to make high-quality products accessible to residents of the state. When it comes to offering products to your customers, finding a good supply partner means everything. Not only do you need cannabis products to fill your shelves, you also need products you can feel confident about offering.

At Southern Sky Brands, we are pleased to partner with dispensary owners and retailers who want to add our products to their inventories. Take a look at a few things to know when you are looking to partner with us.

First, how do I source cannabis products for my Mississippi dispensary?

As of October 2022, there were only 38 grow facilities approved by the state, and only a few of those growers also do cannabis product manufacturing. Therefore, finding the best source for your cannabis products, in the beginning, may be a little difficult until supply and demand stabilize. There are several things to look for in a cannabis supply partner as you create an inventory list for your dispensary, such as:

  • Dedication to Quality – Look for cultivators and manufacturers that follow GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practice) and are FOCUS (Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards) certified
  • Cultivation Approach – Find out what kind of approach the company takes to both growing and manufacturing products to ensure quality aligns with the standards of your dispensary and brand’s mission
  • Product Offering – Look at the quality and scale of products offered—do they offer desirable flower strains, extracts, and products you want in your dispensary inventory?
  • Size – Larger cultivators and manufacturers are more likely to have an extensive, well-tested product collection to choose from than smaller companies

How to Partner with Southern Sky Brands

Southern Sky Brands makes it simple for prospective dispensary owners to partner with us. Simply fill out our online request form to find out more about purchasing our products at wholesale and a representative will reach out to discuss a partnership with you. You will need to provide a few details, including:

  • The name and location of your dispensary
  • Anticipated date of opening
  • The square footage of your dispensary
  • Your contact information
  • Any additional comments or questions about a wholesale partnership

At Southern Sky Brands, we’re in cannabis for the outcome, not the income. As a farm-to-patient-focused company, we combine state-of-the-art, medical-standard cultivation and manufacturing approaches with a passion for natural plant medicine. Our retail partners will help us get our products into the hands of well-deserving patients. Reach out to find out more about partnering with Southern Sky Brands. You can see our first harvest here.

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