How to Roll & Smoke a Joint  

Posted on August 16th, 2022 to Education

Hands-down, the most traditional way to consume cannabis is to roll a joint, light it up, and smoke. As simple as this sounds, rolling a joint and smoking a joint is actually a little difficult if you’ve never tried it. Nevertheless, learning how to roll a joint and smoke it is not anything close to rocket science. In fact, a quick rundown of the basic steps can take you a long way.

How to Roll a Joint in Simple Steps

People roll joints in a lot of different ways, and some of them can get pretty fancy and complicated. For the sake of simplicity though as a first-timer, it is best to stick with the basic joint, which uses about a half gram of cannabis and a standard 1 1/4 rolling paper.

1. Grind your cannabis

Grinding or chopping the cannabis into small pieces ensures you get a consistent burn and even smoke. Pick up a cheap grinder to make this process simple. A grinder holds the bud and has teeth inside. With a few turns of the lid, the bud is cut into uniform pieces.

2. Fashion yourself a filter

Also known as a crutch, a filter gets tucked into the end of the joint. The purpose of a filter is to allow you to smoke all of your buds without the risk of burning your fingers or lips. A crutch can be made out of any form of stiff paper that’s thin enough to fold and flex, such as an old business card. But you can also pick up pre-made filter tips. If making your own, simply cut the paper to size and roll it to the size you want your joint to be.

3. Fill the paper

Hold the filter on one end with the rolling paper curved around into a u-shape. Carefully fill the paper with a uniform line of cannabis from your grinder. Try not to overstuff the paper. If this is your first time, it can even be helpful to use a little less flower because it will be easier to roll. Once you’ve got your desired amount, use the paper and your fingers to shape and form the weed.

4. Roll

Fold one end of the paper in toward itself to cover the weed fully, and then roll the paper between your fingers. Working the paper back and forth helps to get the flower into that uniform, cylindrical shape you need.

5. Seal

Lick along the glued seam on the end of the paper. Not too much moisture is needed here—just a tiny bit of saliva. Then, tack the paper down onto the joint by pressing gently from one end to the next.

6. Pack

From the open end of the joint, use a thin object like an ink pen to gently tap down the weed inside. Then, twist the tip to hold the flower in place.

All Done? How to Smoke a Joint

Once you’ve mastered the art of how to roll a joint, you’re ready to grab a lighter and enjoy. A joint is smoked just like a cigarette, but with a few extra pointers. You place the filter end to your lips and inhale as you ignite the other end with a flame. A well-packed joint will continue to burn after lighting. Simply pull the smoke into your mouth, inhale, and then exhale. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to hold the smoke in your lungs to feel the effects.

Final Thoughts to Remember About Rolling and Smoking Cannabis

Most people do enjoy smoking cannabis, but even if you never get down rolling your own, you have lots of other options. Pre-rolls are pre-rolled cannabis joints, for example, and you may even enjoy something like a cannabis edible or extract. Be sure to keep an eye out for these products in medical dispensaries like Southern Sky later this year!

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