Innovations within the Southern Sky Brands Facility – A Closer Look

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Southern Sky Brands is on a mission. We fully intend to deliver the highest-quality cannabis and cannabis products to people who need them. When you have a passion for helping people with cannabis, the quality of products offered means everything. All of our products begin at our 70,000-square-foot processing and cultivation facility located in Canton, MS. However, our facility is no ordinary manufacturing establishment.  We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure every product that bears our name is of the highest quality possible.

Our Facility Is CGMP Certified

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforces Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). A facility can only be CGMP certified if it meets stringent criteria set forth by the FDA in regard to good manufacturing practices. These practices are specifically designed to ensure that products delivered to consumers have been produced in a facility that supports the quality and purity of the products. Some of the standards that must be met, include:

  • Top-notch quality assurance and management procedures
  • Appropriately sourced raw ingredients and materials
  • Robustly detailed operational procedures within the facility
  • Evaluating products frequently for deviations from the expected quality
  • Maintaining a laboratory for testing products produced by the facility

When a facility is CGMP Certified, this can prevent problems with things like inconsistent product quality, unreliable potency levels, or potential product contaminants. At Southern Sky, we are proud to have earned this upstanding certification to make sure our end customers always get a safe, reliable product.

Our Facility Is FOCUS Certified

In 2014, the Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS) created a set of standards to address the growing need for quality and consistency in terms of cannabis products. FOCUS provides certifications specifically for cannabis product cultivators and manufacturers who are looking to ensure the quality of their products and consumer safety. The agreed-upon good manufacturing practices (GMPs) that must be met to obtain the FOCUS certification cover many aspects of production processes, including:

  • Materials used in production
  • The safety and cleanliness of the physical production premises
  • The equipment used during cultivation or product production
  • How the raw materials and finished products are stored
  • Record-keeping and data collection methodologies
  • Staff-training processes
  • Hygienic product handling processes
  • Product development processes
  • How product complaints are addressed or handled

From start to finish, Southern Sky Brands takes cannabis product production seriously. Our innovative cultivation and manufacturing facility was specifically created with FOCUS certification in mind for this reason.

Southern Sky Brands Will Forever be Focused on Quality

At Southern Sky, we’re Mississippians at heart with roots running throughout the state. The fact that we are leading the way in the science and technology of cannabis production truly is an honor for all of us. Our dedicated team has a passion for helping people who need medical cannabis, which means we take an in-depth approach to product quality on every last level. As Mississippi’s medical cannabis program gets up and running, be sure to stay connected with Southern Sky for product news and information.

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