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All flavor and uplifting happiness, the Mimosa weed strain is definitely true to its name. This beautiful plant serves up a nice dose of terpenes and cannabinoids to really soothe the mind and keep your body moving. Whether you opt for a high-THC Mimosa flower or a CBD product modeled after the strain, you are bound to walk away impressed with the experience. Check out the Mimosa strain below.

What is the Mimosa strain?

The Mimosa (aka Purple Mimosa) weed strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cultivar of cannabis known for its energetic effects and emotionally therapeutic attributes. The exact collection of terpene and cannabinoids in a flower dubbed with the Mimosa name can vary due to growing and genetic variations. Nevertheless, Mimosa is definitely a strain name to remember.


Mimosa is said to be a cross between Clementine and the classic Purple Punch, two cultivars that are readily recognized for their flavor and effects. Clementine is a Sativa-dominant strain, while Purple Punch leans a bit more on the Indica side of the scale. The resulting Mimosa picks up many of the desirable attributes of its parents for a well-balanced experience on every level.

Cannabinoid Profile

Mimosa’s cannabinoid profile varies significantly from one sample to the next. Some buds will come out really potent with THC levels as high as 27 percent, while others will be in the more moderate 19 percent THC range. Mimosa is also said to have a relatively noteworthy level of CBG (cannabigerol), which can be extremely helpful for people dealing with pain or stress.


The most dominant terpene in most Mimosa strains is Myrcene, which can be a bit counterintuitive since Mimosa is considered to be a bit more uplifting and Myrcene has sedative properties. The overall flavors and aromatics are a combination of citrus and berry with hints of tropical zing and an earthy, almost herbal finish.


Mimosa is a bit of an ambiguous strain in terms of effects. Most people report a mental uplift and creative focus, but you still get this nice layer of heavy relaxation just the same. Mimosa is well-recognized for its cerebral effects, which may be a plus for people dealing with things like stress, depression, or even mood swings. The relaxing body effects can also be good for people who experience bodily discomfort due to stress.


What if I Want to Experience The Benefits of Mimosa Without The High?

While we don’t have any Mimosa Terpene Profile Vape Cartridges, what we do have is a collection of CBD cartridges that are infused with terpenes typically found in cannabis strains such as Divorce Cake, Durban Poison, and Cherry Pie. The idea behind creating a CBD cartridge with a terpene profile similar to a cannabis strain is that you will experience similar benefits without the high.

Our vape cartridges are made using cannabis plants that contain low amounts of THC, and we only extract non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD and CBN as well as terpenes and other plant compounds from the plant during extraction, so our vape carts will not get you high.

All of our products are non-psychoactive and contain less than 0.3 percent THC. The end result is a federally legal product that delivers similar terpenes and cannabinoids as standard Divorce Cake cannabis, but with no intoxicating effects.

Where to Buy Terpene Profile CBD Vape Carts

Products that contain 0.3 percent THC and that are derived from hemp are legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. You can find CBD products like our terpene-infused vape carts for sale on our website. Be sure to take a look at our collection of hemp-derived cannabidiol products at Southern Sky Brands.

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