CBD/CBDV/CBG/CBC/CBN Hazel’s Tincture (29g)


This is not the average CBD tincture. Hazel’s CBD tincture is high in isolated cannabinoids, and was specifically formulated to be a therapeutic dose to help individuals who experience strong, underlying health conditions. The cannabinoid formulation mimics serotonin when awake, and melatonin during sleep, as well as dopamine, and GABA. As with any medication, consult your pharmacist or physician before taking this product. (29g) Product may contain up to 0.3% THC

Ingredients:  MCT oil, phytocannabinoids, contains no major food allergens

  • 3000mg CBD
  • 400mg CBDV
  • 400mg CBG
  • 300mg CBC
  • 350mg CBN
    For best absorption, hold tincture under the tongue for 15-30 seconds before ingestion.

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