The Most Unique Cannabis Strain Names

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When you get into the world of weed, you could easily get lost in all the names designated to each strain or cultivar. Cannabis phenotypes express different cannabinoid collaborations, which means many are bred specifically to highlight certain effects. A few weed strains stand out from the rest, however, due to their incredible potency or unique cannabinoid profiles. We’ve pulled together four of the most unique weed strains everyone should know.

Top 4 Unique Cannabis Strains

We chose these strains not only for their unique names, but for the fact that they each have different phenotypes, meaning these strains can be grown to express either high levels of THC, or high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids.

1. Durban Poison

  • THC Phenotype:
    • Cannabinoid Profile: ~21% THC
  • CBD Phenotype: Southern Sky Brands offers products derived from a CBD-rich cultivar of Durban Poison (pictured below)
    • Cannabinoid Profile: ~26% CBD, ~24% CBG, ~26% CBN
  • Top Reported Effects: Energy, pain relief, focus
  • Flavor Notes: Dank skunk with hints of licorice

With an unforgettable name like Durban Poison, this weed strain gives the impression of intense psychoactivity right off the bat. And, there is no question that this cultivar does just that with typical THC content ranges as high as 25 percent, and some samples testing upwards of 30 percent. Durban Poison is an all Sativa strain, which is quite rare in the world of weed with so many hybrids. This strain’s high THC and high energy make it ideal for people looking to get out of pain without being locked to the couch.

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2. Divorce Cake

  • THC Phenotype:
    • Cannabinoid Profile: ~19% THC and 1% CBG
  • CBD Phenotype: Southern Sky Brands offers products derived from a CBD-rich cultivar of Divorce Cake (pictured below)
    • Cannabinoid Profile: ~36% CBD, ~36% CBN
  • Top Reported Effects: Sleepy, stress-free, and hungry
  • Flavor Notes: Vanilla perfume and peppery sweetness

What do you get when you cross White Widow with a Wedding Cake? Divorce Cake, of course. The beloved White Widow obviously found her newest worthy match in Wedding Cake with this cross, resulting in a potent, perfume-tasting hybrid that hits fast and works great for pain. Divorce Cake is not too heavy on the THC side, but the addition of the balancing CBG (cannabigerol) really amps up therapeutic value.

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3. Cherry Pie

  • THC Phenotype:
    • Cannabinoid Profile: ~16% THC and 1% CBG
  • CBD Phenotype:
    • Cannabinoid Profile: ~40% CBD, 38% CBG
  • Top Reported Effects: Happy, stress-reducing, and euphoric
  • Flavor Notes: Sweet fruit and berries

Nothing is quite as sweet as cherry pie for dessert, so the Cherry Pie weed strain gets its name honestly. Known for being an all-around feel-good strain, Cherry Pie always picks up your mood and leaves users feeling happily euphoric. You simply don’t find a lot of strains with a high CBG content, but this cultivar serves up a nice dose of the prized cannabinoid on a sweet platter. Therefore, Cherry Pie is a go-to for people looking to curb stress and anxiety, feel happy, and kick back.

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4. Mimosa

  • Cannabinoid Profile: ~23% THC and 1% CBD
  • Top Reported Effects: Pain relief, energy, and appetite
  • Flavor Notes: Earthy sour orange

A flavorful cultivar that is just as pretty to behold as it is enjoyable to smoke, Mimosa never disappoints. This cultivar is relatively potent, but the presence of CBD (cannabidiol) truly balances out the effects. Mimosa is a Sativa-leaning hybrid, which normally means a higher likelihood of paranoia, but CBD eases that sensation, so you get a well-balanced, uplifting experience.

9 More Interesting Strains Names in 2022

We have to highlight some of the more outlandish strain names that we’ve come across in recent history. For whatever reason, cannabis cultivators are known for choosing some really far out terms to describe their particular genetic profile. Here are some of the crazy cannabis strain names we’ve come across:


Developed by the breeders at In House Genetics, is an ethereal, well-balanced cross between Blue Sherbet and unicorn poop (another ridiculous strain name). Its buds open to reveal dark violet (sometimes almost blue) leaves with bright green and orange splotches. It’s frosty, that’s for sure.

PB Souffle

The PB Soufflé (also known as Peanut Butter Soufflé) strain was developed by pHinest and Cannarado by crossing Do-Si-Dos with Lava Cake. Flowers will be frosted and coated with a thick, gorgeous resin that will be tinted with shades of dark green and purple.

Kush Mintz

To create Kush Mints, breeders crossed Animal Mints with Bubba Kush. The final product is a strain with a high concentration of THC and a refreshing minty flavor.

Blueberry Muffins

The marijuana strain known as “Blueberry Muffins” is a hybrid of the indica-dominant Blueberry and the sativa-leaning Purple Panty Dropper (another name that deserves to be on this list). Humboldt Seed Co.’s Blueberry Muffin is a top-tier variety, lauded for the consistency of its buds and the deep purple color of its blooms.

Ice Cream Cake

The indica strain known as Ice Cream Cake is the result of breeding Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. The sedative benefits of this strain will help you unwind entirely. The flavor of ice cream cake is smooth and creamy, with notes of vanilla and sugary dough.

Purple Runtz

Purple Runtz, or “Purple Runts,” is a cross between Gelato #33 and Zkittlez, two indica strains. In contrast to other strains, this one has a relaxing effect. Customers who have reviewed this strain on Leafly describe feeling stimulated, happy, and tingling after smoking it.

White Truffles

White Truffle, a subspecies of Gorilla Butter, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain of marijuana. The effects of this strain are felt mostly in the brain and work quickly to dispel anxiety. The cumulative impact of this on the body is a pleasant trance state.

Punch Breath

A mix between Mendo Breath and Purple Punch, Punch Breath is a hybrid strain of cannabis. The resulting strain smells and tastes like delicious cherries rolled in cookie dough and has a spicy, acidic, and earthy aroma.

Frisian Duck

Dutch Passion’s Frisian Duck is an entirely new variety genetically. Over the course of numerous generations, Frisian Dew and Ducksfoot were crossed to produce its genetic makeup. Ducksfoot (so named for its peculiarly shaped leaves that mimic duck feet) genetics make this a stealthy plant that works well in the wild.

Find Unique Cannabinoid Profiles and Strain-Inspired Products at Southern Sky

Exploring cannabis and trying different strains is the best route to discovering what best meets your needs as far as experience. Be sure to take a look at the Southern Sky collection to find strain-inspired products, and keep an eye on our menu for new additions in the future.

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