What Kind of Jobs are in the Cannabis Industry?

Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

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With Mississippi recently legalizing cannabis, new jobs within the industry will continue to explode in the state. Legalized weed creates many opportunities for you to make money through sales, marketing, consulting, cultivating, and more. According to Monster.com, legal marijuana currently employs more than 428,000 individuals. As more and more states legalize cannabis, the areas have experienced increased revenue and new job availability surges. The following are what types of Mississippi careers you could consider in the cannabis industry. In order to work in the cannabis industry in Mississippi, you need to successfully complete a Work Permit application administered by the Mississippi Department of Health. This process involves a background check conducted by the Mississippi Department of Health. Complete details are here. 

Assistant Growers

If you are new to the industry, an assistant grower could introduce you to the field. Tasks would likely include watering plants, tending irrigation lines, collecting and testing soil samples, and overall plant care. Most master growers start as assistants, and the position provides hands-on experience working in greenhouses.

Master Growers

Master growers are the individuals in charge of day-to-day operations on a cannabis farm. The majority of master growers have backgrounds in greenhouse management and horticulture. You will oversee cloning, planting, cultivation, and staff management while on the job. Master growers are usually salaried employees and may receive a portion of company profits.

Edible Chefs

Edible chefs combine cannabis and food preparation knowledge to make recipes for cannabis-infused foods. Edible chefs create cannabis-infused gummies, lollipops, chocolates, and more. An understanding of cannabis and a background as a chef or baker will prove helpful in obtaining these types of jobs. The chef must also be aware of Mississippi marijuana regulations and laws to ensure they make legal products for sale.

Master Extractors

A master extractor has the skills and knowledge to extract precise amounts of THC and CBD from marijuana plants. The candidate must know about removal processes and be up-to-date on compliance laws to be considered for the position. The extractor may also be in charge of an extraction lab and responsible for managing the staff there.

Compliance Managers

Most cannabis companies employ a compliance manager to uphold all regional, state, and federal laws. Compliance managers inform team members of legal changes affecting production and sales. Most importantly, a compliance manager will have a thorough knowledge of cannabis laws and legal or regulatory background.

Cannabis Dispensary Managers

Dispensaries operate like any other retail location and require a sales and management team. Dispensary managers will take care of all hiring and termination at the site. They will also train staff members and create work schedules. Dispensary managers usually have retail experience and knowledge of cannabis products.


Budtenders earned their name as a reference to bartenders. However, instead of mixing cocktails, a budtender works with customers at dispensaries and makes cannabis recommendations. The position is also called cannabis consultant because the representative will talk to customers about different strains and how each product could meet their needs. Budtenders are entry-level positions and can work as hourly or salaried employees.

Delivery Drivers

Cannabis delivery drivers are among the fastest-growing positions in the industry. Drivers usually earn an hourly wage plus tips and will receive reimbursement for gas and mileage. Delivery drivers usually only need a good driving record for job consideration.

Southern Sky Brands takes a holistic approach to medical marijuana. The Mississippi company believes in adhering to the highest standards for the cultivation and sale of legalized weed. If local to Mississippi, the company does post frequent job openings for those who want to become part of the industry.

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