4 Reasons Why Buying Cannabis Legally Matters

Why buying weed legally matters (updated)

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All things are set for medical cannabis to be available to Mississippi medical cardholders by late 2022. This means individuals with any of the few dozen medical conditions covered will have access to legally purchase cannabis. Medical legalization is definitely good news for MS residents.

The question is, beyond the illegalities of purchasing cannabis from an unregistered supplier, why is buying weed legally important? There are actually several good reasons to buy legal weed from a licensed dispensary.

1. Buying Cannabis Legally Means You Know What You’re Buying

When you purchase cannabis from someone who is not licensed, there is never a guarantee of what you are getting. You don’t really know how the cannabis was grown, how it was cured, or how it was stored, which can be really important in terms of quality.

By contrast, cannabis and cannabis products sold by legal dispensaries have to be properly tested. Not only will you know exactly what strain of cannabis you’re getting, but you will also know the cannabis has been properly tested for things like pesticides and fungus.

Likewise, if you buy something like an extract or concentrate, that product will likely be thoroughly tested for things like residual solvents and volatile chemicals.

Buying Cannabis Legally Means You Know What You're Buying

2. Legal Cannabis Offers the Ability to Choose Your Experience

Because illegal growers have to rely on small-scale cultivation, you rarely have access to variety when buying cannabis off the street. This limits how much you can benefit from cannabis substantially.

All strains have unique cannabinoid and terpene makeups, and each composition can have a huge influence on end results. For example, a strain high in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and myrcene can be especially good for pain or sleep. Yet, a strain with lower levels of THC and high amounts of CBD (cannabidiol) can be a better option for daytime nausea issues.

When you buy weed from a legal dispensary, you get access to a plethora of strains to choose from. Further, you can pick up cannabis-infused products that make therapeutic use more convenient and easy.

3. You’re Supporting the Local Cannabis Industry

The path to legalizing cannabis in every state has been a journey, but Mississippi has waited a long time to get here. Individuals that have stepped up to become licensed retailers of cannabis have worked tirelessly to get into the industry. Many have been granted licensure due to social equity programs set forth by the state.

These programs give individuals who are from communities disproportionately affected by cannabis regulation priority when it comes to opening a legal establishment.

If a licensed retailer is competing with a neighborhood weed dealer, this can greatly inhibit their ability to maintain a strong foothold and stay open. By buying cannabis legally, you are offering support to the hard-fought-for cannabis industry in the state, as well as the entrepreneurs that have established businesses. In all ways, retailers pioneering their way in the new cannabis industry need all the support they can get.

4. Mississippi Cannabis Taxes Fund Important Programs in the State

While it is true that when you buy cannabis from a licensed dispensary you have to pay taxes, these taxes do fund good purposes. For example, the state of MS has specifically stated that cannabis sales taxes will be used at least in part to fund objectives like:

  • A Workforce and College Opportunity Scholarship
  • Early Childhood Learning Collaboratives
  • Postsecondary Education Financial Assistance

In the end, you may pay slightly more for cannabis in a dispensary than you would otherwise, but the added cost can be well worth the benefits. The educational initiatives are always good to support, but you are also getting a well-vetted, high-quality product for the price.

A Final Word from Southern Sky Brands

As Mississippi gears up in preparation for a newly regulated cannabis market, there is bound to be an adjustment period. As you navigate uncharted territory as a medical cannabis consumer, you can count on Southern Sky Brands to provide reliable information.

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